Cheap YX18 Adjustable Electric Bed Frame Supplier

Brand name: YAXUAN
Item number: YX18
Size: King, Queen, Double, Single, or Customized
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


Back lifting can reduce the pressure of shoulder neck, waist back and buttocks, and make the whole body relax and enjoy sleep. Raise the positions of your head and shoulders slightly when you are ready to sleep, so that your chest and nasal cavity are at a horizontal level. This allows you to breathe more freely and more oxygen. As the amount of oxygen inhaled increases, so does the oxygen content in your blood, which makes your head more comfortable.

Leg lifting can freely adjust and match the body posture, relieve the pain of feet and relax the leg muscles. We raise the leg to about 15 degrees. In this way, the heart will quickly transfer blood to the feet and shanks, and the blood in the shanks will promptly return to the heart. This allows better blood circulation throughout the body, reducing the burden on the heart, and achieving a zero-gravity balance of the hear. If keeps in this state for 3 to 5 minutes, it can quickly and effectively relieve general fatigue.


Sleep mode can help deep sleep, the back rises by 15 ° and the leg rises by 10 ° so that the brain can fully supply oxygen and breathe more smoothly. To adjust the height of the head to about 5 degrees (the angle varies from person to person), you will feel that breathing is much smoother than before. This height keeps your shoulders and heart at a horizontal level, which will prevent a fall of the base of the tongue and saliva reflux. Therefore, breathing becomes very smooth.

Customer satisfaction is the standard and goal of our factory strategy. we choose high quality accessory from OKIN which is the world's best provider of drive technology for adjustable beds. Durable, safe and quiet and convenient. We hope our customers benefit from the high quality of products and also enjoy the competent services.

Intelligent control button, easy to operate, can adjust the angle, switch different modes, easy to enjoy the fun of life. Remote control is wired, you can also change it for wireless control, that all depend on your need. The product quality is guaranteed, you can use it at ease.

  • Specification
Brand name YAXUAN
Item number YX18
Materials Metal
Size options W93*L203*H28CM
Function Wire /wireless /wireless + vibration massage /wireless + bluetooth, or customized.
Foldable YES
Motor OKIN
Style Modern
Operating voltage 110V-240V
Push force Max: 6000N
Color options Light gray
Place of origin GuangDong Province, China
Advantage Noiseless, easy to use, wide application
Application Bedroom furniture
Warranty period One year warranty for Motor( non-human damage)

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