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How to buy electric beds and precautions for use

The electric bed is not just a bed, it can bring us a different sleeping experience and help us get a better quality sleep!

How to choose an electric bed

1.Look at the motor

The motor is the key element to determine whether the bed is an ordinary bed or an electric bed. The bed's lifting depends entirely on the electric motor. A durable and powerful high-quality motor is the standard for a good electric bed.

2.Look at the frame

In order to facilitate adjustment of the angle of the electric bed, and even some have massage functions, the bed will be much heavier than the ordinary bed, so the frame of the bed will be more tested at this time. Our common wooden frame is not very popular at this time, because the stability and durability decline faster with the passage of time.

3.Look at support

After the frame is selected, it's up to the support of the row frame/bed board. Electric beds generally use hydraulic pressure to directly lift the head and feet of the bed; or lift the head and feet of the bed through pulleys. Then in the process of operation, if the supporting force is not enough, it is very likely to collapse!

4.Look at the fit of the mattress

The particularity of electric beds determines that only soft and comfortable mattresses like latex pads can be used. The latex pads we usually use are all added to the mattress. If the bed board is directly laid, we will choose a thicker latex pad to sleep comfortably.

How to use an electric bed

1.Head and tail lifting function

According to ergonomics, five body segmented joint points (that is, the bending points of the human body) are set up on the bed frame. Through remote control, the angle of the bed frame can be adjusted at will to adapt to the bending angle of various parts of the human body.

2.Dual zone intelligent vibration massage

Sub-regional massage gives different massage experiences to the corresponding parts of the body, bringing more scientific relaxation and comfort. Back massage and leg massage give corresponding massage experience to different parts of the body, bringing more scientific relaxation and comfort.

3.USB charging, bluetooth speaker, LED heart warming light

The bed circumference is designed with dual USB ports, which is convenient for charging mobile phones and tablets. The mobile phone is connected to the bed with built-in Bluetooth, you can play songs, videos and any audio on the mobile phone, and feel the three-dimensional dynamic sound effect.

Precautions for the use of electric beds

1.The electric bed must be paid attention to during the movement or transportation: moisture-proof, waterproof, sun-proof, shock-proof, anti-fall, anti-stepping, and should be lightly supported when moving to avoid damage;

2.Before turning on the power, check whether the voltage is normal and whether it meets the power supply requirements of the electric bed. The power supply can be switched on only after the power supply is normal and meets the requirements for the use of the electric bed;

3.It is forbidden to use strong corrosive detergent to prevent the fabric from discoloring, hardening and aging;

4.Avoid splashing colored liquids, chemicals and oily substances;

5.The placement environment of the electric bed should be ventilated, free from direct sunlight, and dry;

6.When the electric bed is ascending or curved, do not sit at the end of the bed, do not do strenuous exercises (such as jumping, shaking vigorously) in the electric bed, and do not release the center of gravity on the raised head or end of the bed;

7.Do not put sharp tools (keys, knives, etc.) and hard objects on the bed to avoid damaging the face cloth;

8.Non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble the structural parts and motor of the electric bed, so as to avoid irreversible damage to the electric bed.